White Leather Photo Combo Wedding Album | Berks County Wedding Photographer

Couples invest a substantial amount of money into their wedding photography, which is why I focus so much on offering tangible products, such as prints and albums. There is so much more value to something that you can physically hold in your hands!

Lauren and Eric selected a 10×10 white leather and photo combo cover for their wedding album.

Each page in the wedding album has substantial thickness and lays completely flat, meaning there is never any worry about images getting lost in a crease.

The white leather continues to wrap around the back, adding a classic look to the album.


With the help of the initial album design process, the newlyweds were able to create an album to perfectly tell their story of their day. In just a matter of weeks, the album was crafted at the lab and Lauren and Eric’s first family heirloom was created, ready to be passed through their family for generations <3.

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