I was watching an episode of say yes to the dress recently (note im not really a fan of the show, I just couldn’t find anything else on tv at the time). I was completely horrified after watching for only 5 minutes.

This bride-to-be walked out of the fitting room, absolutely gleaming with happiness over the dress she had selected. I’m talking smile ear to ear just short of skipping around like a child. Within seconds, her maid of honor made a disgusted face and shook her head “no, no, no”. She proceeded to tell the bride how horrible the dress made her look, adding that it was probably one of the ugliest dresses she had ever seen. To no surprise to me, the tears instantly fell down the bride’s face.

The bride had felt beautiful in that dress and the maid of honor’s words destroyed that beautiful feeling. Mothers, sisters, bridesmaids, etc. often forget that what’s most important is how the BRIDE feels when she enters a room wearing her gown, not how THEY feel.

As a bride, you should not only feel gorgeous but feel like YOU. If you’re about frills and love the look of a strapless dress, go for it. Love the idea of a colored wedding dress? Do it! Not crazy about the idea of a veil, don’t feel forced. Your wedding day is about you and your fiancé, not the opinions (and sometimes ridicule) from others.  Make choices that make you feeling amazing and don’t let others bring you down for your selections.

Red wedding dress