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What Is A Sitter Session in Photography?

Mom, we both know it's so cliché, but they really are little for such a short time! Eat up all the memories you can and take all the photographs, because I promise, you will never look back and say to yourself, "I wish I had less photographs of my baby".

What is a "Sitter Session"?

A "sitter session" is when baby reaches their sitting milestone, typically between 6 and 9 months. This is when their fun personality really starts to shine! Between the easy smiles and baby giggles, these sessions are some of my favorites! Of course your baby may be slightly younger or older, since all babies reach milestones at slightly different times.

The best time to schedule your baby's session is when they are able to sit unassisted, but before they are able to crawl. This offers the opportunity of capture a variety of images of their fun personality, without your baby becoming from sitting in one place. Once babies become mobile, they want to move and explore the world!

Will you have to forego photos of your little one if they still a bit wobbly when sitting? Does a crawling baby mean you've missed the window to have photos taken? Of course not!

The session may need to be structured slightly different, such as having a little less variety or the session running a bit longer, but you absolutely don't have to miss out on having photographs of this moment in their lives!

Don't worry, I'm patient.

Don't worry about your baby being nervous in a different environment. I have time set aside for your little one to become comfortable in the studio before even picking up the camera!

Babies are happiest when they feel safe and my first priority is for them to be relaxed and learn they can trust me. Depending on their age, the time set aside can include bopping along to music, playing with toys, or other baby favorites. Feel free to bring along your little one's favorite toys and a snack, such as puffs.

Nervous that your baby won't "pose"?

This little love of your life will only be tiny for a short amount of time, so you'll want to remember the giggles, curiosity, current milestone in their life (such as sitting or crawling).

I believe the beauty and magic of childhood includes real moments, which doesn't always include looking straight at the camera! 

Session Details

The K. Moss studio is located in West Lawn, PA and sessions are available for babies who are able to sit on their own. 

What Does My Sitter Session Include?

I believe your little one should be the focus of each image, so props are not typically included. You are absolutely welcome to bring items of sentimental value, such as a stuffed animal. While I do have a selection of backgrounds available, I am unable to offer "character" sessions, due to copyright and trademark infringement laws.

  • Planning and Consultation
  • Access to Client Closet / Personally selected attire
  • Studio Session for baby (sibling or family add-on available)
  • …and an experience you’ll remember forever 

Your baby may be the focus of the photos, but you deserve a great experience, too!

Sitter Sessions

(Please note: I do not offer newborn photography at this time)

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