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Imagine her reaction when she enters the studio and her dream experience awaits her!

The Dream Dress Experience is truly important to me and the idea behind it is deep in my heart.

I'd love to encourage your daughter to embrace who she is and see past her insecurities. I want her to leave my studio feeling strong and confident, pushing all of those negative thoughts far, far away. Even if a girl is still young and hasn't had these thoughts, I hope to help her future self, giving her the ability to look back on our confidence-building time together and grow past what holds her back. It makes my heart so happy, thinking of young girls entering my West Lawn studio and being surprised by a dress that she thought only existed in fairytales or movies. Time dedicated solely for her, letting her live out her biggest dreams, feeling like the most beautiful and amazing girl in the world, dancing and swaying to the specially-selected music. Most importantly, I'd love her to leave the studio feeling the most confident she has ever felt in her life! 

The Dream Dress Experience is so much more than just a photo session.

It’s a time for your little girl to truly be herself and learn how to love and be confident with who she is. And I’d really love for your daughter to be a part of it!

The Dream Dress Experience is perfect for girls ages 3+

When you arrive at the studio, your daughter will be greeted with fun dancing music and likely the most beautiful dress she's ever seen! 

A bit of extra time is included during each session to help your little girl become comfortable in the studio, allowing her personality to truly shine in her photos!

The Dream Dress Experience isn't a "princess session". This experience is all about her being true self, learning to love who she is and focusing on what she can become!

Girls with all types of dreams have loved this: future vets, scientists, artists, nurses teachers...and every Dream Experience is tailored specifically to each girl ? (and of course, if she wants to be a princess, she can be a princess!)

As seen in publications such as: Designer Child, Iconic Child, Rising Model, Child Couture, Prestige, and Brand Model Magazines

The $99 Dream Dress Experience Session Includes:

Consultation & Planning Your Daughter's Experience
Access to Dream Dress closet (view dresses)
Session Preparation
Studio Session 
Photo Reveal After Party to view and order favorite images
...and an experience she'll remember forever (with a few surprises!)

Don't worry about selecting how many prints or which products you'd like now. No decisions need to be made until you view your images! I want this to be an incredible experience for you, ensuring you leave only with what you want and love!

Dresses are valued between $300-$1100, and the designers only released a limited number of each design (some have been custom-made), so will not find these dresses anywhere else!

During your planning consultation, we will select the dress of your daughter's dreams and chat about options for your prints and products. Whether you choose to keep this experience as a surprise or involve your daughter in the planning process is up to you!

Mom, Dad...be a part of her experience

Mom,  pamper yourself with fresh nails, a special updo, and makeup highlighting your greatest features, and slip into a dress that will make you feel incredible! Join your daughter at the end of her session, each feeling beautiful, and create a gorgeous memory to display in your home!

As you cuddle with your daughter, viewing your images on the studio tv, a tear will fall from your cheek as you hear your little girl whisper, "mommy...you look so beautiful"

Dads are absolutely welcome, however please note that the studio closet does not currently carry men's clothing.

The Dream Dress Experience is so much more than just a photo session.

It’s a time for your little girl to truly be herself and learn how to love and be confident in who she is.

And I’d really love for your daughter to be a part of it!

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