The Dream Dress Closet

Gowns are available exclusively for the Dream Dress Experience at no additional cost. 

The Dream Dress closet has a variety of dresses, fitting girls’ size 3-18 and women’s up to 2XL. Some dresses below have amazing sizing flexibility, so if you see something you love outside your daughter’s sizing, don’t hesitate to reach out. It may still fit!

Due to the delicate nature and cost of these dresses, food and drink is not able to be consumed while the dress is worn. Self tanning is not permitted, as this will cause permanent damage and staining.

Please note, the closet is ever-growing and changing to fit an arrange of different sizes and styles. Any dresses shown below may be retired at any time and are not guaranteed to be available, unless a session is booked.

Don’t see something you love here? Custom orders may be available for either the full or partial cost of the dress, depending on the value it will have in the studio closet. The trade-in program also offers print credits and special rates in exchange for your dress. I’d be happy to share more details of the trade-in program, all you have to do is ask! 🙂

Hint of Blue | Size 2-4

Jade Shortie | Size 2-7

Emersyn | Size 2-6

Purple Shortie | Size 2-7

3D Blue Floral | Size 2-6

Dazzling Unicorn | Size 3-7

Alora | Size 4-7

Asher | Size 5-9

Pink Ruffle | Size 4-6

Ever Bloom | Size 4-8

3D Blush Shortie | Size 5-9

Hint of Lilac | Size 4-8

Pink Peony | Size 4-8

Summer Floral | Size 5-9

3D Blush | Size 6-10

Pink Rainbow | Size 6-10

Yellow Rainbow | Size 6-10

Isabella | Size 8-12

Twilight | Size 8-14

Hint of Lilac | Size 12-16

Violet | Size 12-16

Happily Ever After | Size 14-18

Women's Sizes

Fire Ombre (up to approx. 36″ waist)

Midnight Ombre (up to approx. 36″ waist)

Purple Ombre (up to approx. 36″ waist)

Ocean Ombre (up to approx. 36″ waist)

Dusty Blue (up to approx 40″ waist)

Happily Ever After | Size Girls 14 – Womens M

Silver (up to approx 40″ waist)

Blush (up to approx 40″ waist)

Lavender (up to approx 40″ waist)

Dusty Pink (up to approx 40″ waist)

Up to

Light Blue (up to approx 40″ waist)

Up to 2XL

Up to 2XL