6 Tips to Minimize Wedding Day Stress

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Wedding days can be emotional, and high stress days for everyone…but they don’t have to be! The good news is, with some advanced planning, there are ways to make your wedding day a more manageable. These six tips will help you reduce stress and focus more on I Do!


Pre-wedding jitters can make shut-eye a difficult task but it’s crucial to try to get a few hours in the night before your wedding. Decide ahead of time what time you’ll be heading to bed and stick with it. If you have trouble falling asleep, this could be a great time to write a letter to your husband-to-be. It’s also a good idea to silence your phone before falling asleep. Congratulatory texts and calls may start very early in the morning, before you’re ready to take on the day. Waking up fresh will make it easier to take on any challenging parts of the day.


This is your day to enjoy and relax a bit! Appoint members of your bridal party to be in charge of specific tasks such as answering phone calls, gathering your jewelry and shoes, keeping the room tidy (clutter-free photos are the best!), and getting you water.

Limit the Getting Ready Room

You want the day to be as relaxed as possible, so consider limiting how many girls are with you while you are getting prepped for the day. It can begin to feel overwhelming and hectic when too many people are smushed into a small space. Not only does it become difficult to maneuver around the space, but you’ll also likely have to field a lot of questions and feel more rushed.


When arriving at your hotel room, put everything you’ll need for the wedding all in one place. Set your shoes, veil, garter, jewelry, etc. all in the same area so you won’t have to be running around the next morning trying to find what you need.

Connect with Your Groom

A First Look can help calm you before the ceremony but if you’d prefer to stick to the side of tradition, write a letter to one another. Have a member of your bridal party deliver the letters and set some time alone to read.

Add Extra Time

It’s always a great idea to pad in extra time throughout the day. For example, if your makeup artists tells you it will take 20 minutes, add an extra 15. If things start to run a bit behind, you won’t have to worry because you’ve already planned for that time. Do the same for various parts of the day, especially when traveling between venues – always double the travel time.

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