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Are You Wasting Your Money On A Photographer?

You've been noticing that your child is suddenly growing with each blink. Your heart desperately wanting to hold onto these moments forever, you decide this is the perfect time to schedule a photography session.
You have already decided that you will pick up a few extra hours at work and will even give up your daily Starbucks run - all to ensure you have these memories to look back on. At the end of each evening, you spend an hour or two on Google, trying to find the perfect photographer to document this time in your life.

As you research further, you begin to feel a slight headache come on, as you realize this task is a little more difficult, and possibly a bit more costly, than you had anticipated. You already know the importance of hiring an experienced professional but it’s possible that you may still not be getting the most out of your investment.

Many will spend a their paycheck on photographer, only to receive a usb or digital download of the files. While digital copies are great, most people admit that life gets busy and they never get around to getting their images printed. Their home’s bare walls serve no reminder of their son's smile when he was four or the way their daughter's eyes sparkled. Instead, they are restricted to needing electricity to view their photos.

Of course there are some who boot up their computer and order a few prints from a local lab.  Unfortunately consumer labs do not offer the same color control as professional labs, which often results in unnatural-looking skin tones (such as blue tints or washed-out whites).  Additionally, professionally printed photos are printed on paper that will last 100 years or more.

It hardly seems worthwhile to spend a part of your income on photos that will only spend life forgotten on a hard drive or will fade after a few year’s time, right? When searching for a photographer, always be sure to ask what tangible items they will include in your photography package or collection. It is a far better investment and value for your money to find a photographer who offers digital files in addition to prints.

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