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Behind the Scenes | 2016

We're already somehow halfway through the year and I just now realize that I never wrote a behind the scenes post for 2016! Usually I just post a compilation of a bunch of photos taken of me but this time I thought I'd put a little twist on it and show the moment I was capturing as someone sneakily photographed me. So here we go, taking a look back on last year's Reading, Allentown, and Pocono weddings!

I have big ideas but I'm a small person, so sometimes I find the friendly tall people to help me with my vision.

Battle wounds. It's kind of a game now to play 'find the bruises' the day after a wedding. It makes me feel accomplished, ha. I won't lie, thought, the hand injury hurt. I really thought I was going to make a stop at the ER on the way home!

Bridal party photos are a drag, I get it. People aren't at weddings to hang out with me. So I make a deal - give me just 10-15 minutes and then you can get a head start on food and drinks. I'm half chameleon, blending into backgrounds whenever possible.

Yes, I know that that thing on top of my flash looks stupid and is kinda an eyesore - but it's totally awesome and helps me produce some gorgeous light (shout out to magmod!).

I'm actually already working on getting things together for my 2017 wrap up post now, with a little more of a fun twist!


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