Behind the Scenes | 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a Behind the Scenes post! It’s a little tricky getting photos together when working solo, but now that Chris has begun assisting at weddings and sessions, I’m able to share a peek of what goes on when others aren’t looking πŸ™‚

So here goes, a few technical and not-so-flattering moments from 2018!

Sometimes Chris uses the reception as a time to ponder the meaning of life.

Getting lights ready for the reception entrances!

Before guests start to filter in, Chris hits the dance floor with a few moves.

Apparently I’m a mean “boss”, because he’s always walking off the job.

Can you find me?

No, this wasn’t a wedding rendition of “Duck and Cover” (anyone remember Bert the turtle?). Guests are just getting ready to SHOUT!

Contemplating if I should bust a move on the dance floor…

Quick lighting tests before the ceremonies start!

Photographer by day, comedian by night?

A quick break with my favorite DJ ever, DJ Jimbo!

I am so guilty of constantly (accidentally) hitting the flash when Chris is looking at it. If he ends up going blind one day, it’s totally going to be my fault.
I really love to travel, so I make sure to have a carry-on with me at all times, just in case πŸ˜‰

Chris looks like he feels a little left out and wants to check out what he’s missing out on!

Putting his lighting skills to work, we’re able to take silhouette photos in the middle of a sunny day.

Taking DJ lessons, just in case this whole photography thing doesn’t work out πŸ˜‰

If the chicken dance happens, Chris is going to record it. EVERY TIME.

I promise I wasn’t actually blocking anyone’s view! This photo was just taken at an awkward angle (plus, I’m short anyway!)

After photographing solo for nearly 9 years, I am totally loving that Chris had decided to be a part of K. Moss Photography this year! He has helped SO much this past year and has done way more than we initially planned. Not only is he handling everything light-related, but he’s my equipment manager, room straightener during getting ready photos, location scouter, and occasionally second shooter. This year was a trial run, for him to decide if he’d like to continue working with me and I’m so excited to say that he’s still on board for 2019!

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