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Behind the Scenes | 2019

Each year I try to take a few photos to share throughout the season to give a peek at the Behind the Scenes and not-so-flattering (ie: embarrassing) moments during the wedding season. Now Chris is on board and a part of K. Moss, there's a whole new perspective, too! Some photos are from light tests, a few by mistake, and some are just because our job is fun. Of course my 100% always goes to my couples and making sure their moments aren't missed! I don't always have the opportunity to do this at every wedding but 2019's post is still packed with photos I've compiled over the past year!

I have completely fallen in love with traveling and I'm so lucky to have a job that brings me all over the country! Our west coast work mostly fell at the beginning and end of 2018, leaving 2019 open for a getaway to my favorite place!

Jessica and Chris have been in front of my camera so many times over the years that they now refer to themselves as my "guinea pigs", game to try any new ideas. When I told Jessica about a vision I had for their next session, she helped in finding the exact type of location we needed to make the magic happen. The "before" image of the structure probably would have looked nice, but we all preferred the 'wow' factor of making the arches purple instead!

While doing light testing, Chris kept sticking his hand out to shield himself from the flash. I still don't understand why he didn't just put his back towards it.

One of Chris's favorites of the year. It made him feel like a superhero or something.

There's that hand blocking the light again...

The only time you'll see him on a dance floor.

Taking a few minutes to plan out photo ideas for after the ceremony.

I am notorious for blinding Chris with the flash when he least expects it.

As I was saying goodbye to the couple at the end of the evening, the bride's face turned into a semi-frown as she exclaimed, "we forgot our photo!"

Slightly panicked with my equipment already packed up, my mind raced, trying to pinpoint what important moment I could have forgotten.

"We wanted a photo with YOU"

Most. Flattering. Thing. Ever.

I'm working hard while these two were off having fun 😉

Jim of DJ Jimbo makes a good 'light tester' for when Chris isn't around.

Yes, he did yell out, "hey, hey take a photo of me with these ducks!".

Tanya doing her thing, enhancing those gorgeous features and giving the ultimate confidence boost for the day.

Chris has added "Professional Veil Thrower and Bouquet Holder" to his resume.

Can you find Chris?

When the bride and groom are huge hockey fans, you tell them to bring all of their jerseys!

It's a flash, Chris, not a metal detector. (though, I guess it would work since our modifiers are magnetic.)

Chris takes pride in his dress-hanging abilities.

I always hear how sweet it is that Chris and I married and work together. This is my favorite photo of the year, accurately describing what being married and working together is really like sometimes ;-).

Deep in thought...

When he's had enough of my light testing for the day...

...but he's usually a great sport.

Me, on the other hand...

I kind of want to cut Chris out and put this image on every photo I've ever taken. I don't know why, I just find it hilarious that he is perched in the bushes.

Everyone wants a photo with Chris!

Jim makes a great DJ but maybe I shouldn’t trust him to watch over my equipment ;-). He’s letting the ducks carry it away.

Just breathe and relax, okay?

I don’t pay well enough, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that sometimes he just decides to leave mid-session ;-).

I’m short. Why the heck do I think I need to bend to take a photo?

Just about every couple I’ve ever met with tells me “we are really awkward in front of the camera”.

In case you didn't believe me when I said that I totally relate to this! I also have "BRF", which I try to fix during wedding days, causing me to look even more awkward.

Detail photos are a must for me at every wedding. Aside from wanting couples to be able to remember all of the little things, they get me warmed up and ready for the day!

Love photographing them, hate editing them (That buttery icing zoomed in on my monitor? Hello, sudden craving)

Seriously, I'm awkward.

Making sure that no one is hiding around the corner?

Trusting me with one of the biggest days of their lives and I'm not even looking the right way 😉

Debating if I should switch place cards and sit at the sweetheart table?

Obliviously walking in front of Chris's camera and ruining his shot.

I seem to care more about nail polish than taking the family photo.

I'll be best friends with your mom and grandma.

I've been trying to get rid of the habit of lifting my toe for years. I thought I had finally stopped, until I saw this.

Months before the wedding, they said that a photo with me was a must. The night before the wedding, Galen told us to bring our jerseys. Between the two of them, they asked about taking our photo at least four times that day. They were having so much fun the day of the wedding, I didn't want to bother them, but they wouldn't let us leave without it! (I can look normal in front of a camera sometimes 😉 )

Here's to a great 2020 season (and maybe a few less awkward photos of myself here and there 😉 ).


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