Berks County Engagement Session | Candy & Chuck

Candy and Chuck originally scheduled their session for late October, but after hearing that Chris and I were recovering from the flu, they insisted that they push their date back a week. It wasn’t that they were worried about catching our germs, but they were truly worried about us being out in the cold weather during our busiest season. Although I definitely could have made it happen, they promised that rescheduling was totally okay and that we needed to take care of ourselves.

These are the type of people they are, always caring about others and making it a priority to spread kindness.

Their relationship started as a blind date at a small local hotel with great food. Candy nerves grew as she got ready for their date, with butterflies going crazy as she drove to to meet Chuck for the first time.

He had already been there waiting for her at a table outside and when she walked up to the table, they instantly felt like they had known each other for years. Candy, still a bit nervous, spilled her drink on herself. Little did she know at the time, it was at that moment that Chuck knew she was the one because she wasn’t afraid to make a mess and laugh it off. 

These two never stopped laughing together and at one point I worried about how much their faces must hurt from smiling so big when they look at each other ;-). Chuck knew exactly what to say to make Candy laugh, including random “yee haws”, which prompted Candy to call out to me, “I swear, we aren’t country people. I don’t know where the ‘yee haw’ is coming from!”. Whatever the reason for this random word choices, it was perfect and helped create the photos they were hoping for!

Candy loved the idea of a more private location with a fall feel, so Conrad Weiser Homestead instantly came to mind for their session. Although autumn colors can be hit or miss, there’s almost always a guarantee that this park will bring us something beautiful. It was early November and we still lucked out with pops up red, orange, and yellow.

I always find it impossible to resist a sunset. Those photos just give off a vibe that other times of day can’t compare to!

There’s a little less than a year to go before their wedding, and while I’m sure they’re ready for the day to be here, I’m looking forward to still having another year for us all to get to know each other before the wedding!

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