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Bridal Party Tips To Remember

A majority of the spotlight may be on the couple getting married but being a part of the bridal party means that you still share some of that spotlight! Playing a key role in the wedding day means that you will likely be photographed way more than anticipated.

The Ceremony

It can feel a bit awkward standing in front of a number of people you don’t know! You’ll spend about thirty minutes standing as vows are exchanged and although you’re thrilled to be standing beside them, you may find yourself zoning out from time to time. While the best photos are natural and in the moment (versus looking straight into the camera), it’s important to remember that the camera is still clicking and you will be photographed when you don’t realize it - that includes when you’re dozing off or picking you nose. Of course nose picking images won’t make it to the final gallery...or will they? (just kidding)


Having you present on their wedding day means the world to the couple and they’ll definitely want to remember it with photographs. Of course, knowing that cold drinks and delicious food is just feet away from you makes it pretty darn difficult to hang around for formal photos. The best way to get through photos quickly is to know ahead of time where photos will take place and cooperate the best you can. Before you know it, photo time will be finished and you’ll be on your way to party!


Standing behind the couple forces them to turn around in their chair to look at you, which makes it difficult for the photographer to capture the emotion. Likewise, standing in front of the couple with your back towards the guests will result in fewer images of reactions between the couple and you.

If you’ve been given the honor to give a speech, the best place to stand is beside the couple. This allows the photographer to photograph you speaking, as well as the couple’s reaction.

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