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Brides Share Their Wedding Planning Experience

I interviewed 2016 and 2017 brides, asking them to each share a bit about their wedding planning experience.

Anything you would have done differently:

Taken my own advice much sooner.  I was so worried what other people would think (we both were) that it became more of a hassle to make decisions.  

Once I let go of other people’s expectations I started to enjoy the process.  

We may have re-thought our centerpieces and come up with something different rather than DIY. We loved them, it just ended being more work than we anticipated

I would have either done a smaller, more intimate wedding or waited a lot longer.

Planning a wedding in under a year, while being a full time nursing student and living 14 hours away from your fiancé is hard work!

Nope! It hasn’t always been easy but it will be perfect no matter what happens!

Not waiting for the last minute to plan everything and get everything done. Not have such a big bridal party.

What is the most anticipated moment of your wedding day?

The first look when it’s just us and we have that moment to ourselves to see each other.  Also, the vows and saying them in front of the people most important to us.   

Seeing each other for the first time and sharing our personalized vows

Seeing the look on his when he sees me for the first time and while walking down the aisle

When we have our first kiss as a married couple.

Marrying my best friend! And sharing our day with people we love most

Tips you could pass on to other brides in the planning process:

To always remember it’s your day…..nobody else’s.  Don’t worry about what other people think, what they may want or what would bother them.  You need to do exactly what you (the bride & groom) want

Do not be stubborn and try to do it all yourself – ask for help!

Put a super early RSVP date since people are VERY slow to reply. Don’t take anything too seriously.

Don’t wait for last minute.. Try to do little by little every minute you can… Seating chart is the worst part.

Get as much as you can done early because this will save you time and stress when the day gets closer.

Most memorable moment during planning process:

Dress shopping for my dress and my bridesmaids.  With so many of my friends not local it was a great way to spend time with some of my closest friends when we shopped for their dresses.   

Finding the dress with my husband!

Picking out my dress with my mom – it’s VERY rare that she cries.

Picking out our wedding bands

Making our decisions together (except the dress). It was great to share everything and not just discount his opinion because “he’s just the groom”, it’s his day too and we really wanted to make it OUR day, rather than the “bride’s day”


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