Dream Dress Experience | Gabby

Dream Dress Experience | Gabby

Gabby was a bit apprehensive when she first arrived at the studio for her Dream Dress Experience, having no idea what to expect. A bit nervous, she spent her first few moments of her sessions carefully examining the details of her dress. She admired the swishy sound, as she tossed her huge gown from side to side, noticing the little beadwork adorned throughout the bodice and skirt. 

As she swayed about, I took notice of her shyness and understood that it was a bit uncomfortable to be the center of attention. I began complimenting her on her amazing features (oh, those cheeks!) and instantly a smile was born

In between photos, we took some time to talk about some of Gabby’s favorite topics. We touched a bit on fun things, such as music and art. I wanted her to be able to give focus not only to her child side, but also her intellect, so I geared the conversation towards a few other areas of her interest. Her face brightened with a sense of pride as spoke and shared her knowledge of things, such as history of the royal family and science.

Gabby’s confidence was booming so much in this image, I purchased one for the studio!

I loved being able to get to know Gabby during her Dream Dress Experience and was so excited to see her face light up so many times during our time together!

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