Dream Dress Experience | Khloe

Dream Dress Experience | Khloe

The idea of offering the Dream Dress Experience at my West Lawn, PA studio came to me completely out of the blue. I have no idea what made me think of it but I instantly fell in love and began looking into how I could make it happen.

My heart felt so happy, thinking of little girls entering my studio and being surprised by a dress that she thought only existed in fairytales or movies. Time dedicated solely for her, letting her live out her biggest dreams, feeling like the most beautiful and amazing girl in the world, dancing and swaying to the specially-selected music. Most importantly, I wanted her to leave the studio feeling the most confident she has ever felt in her life.

When Khloe arrived at the studio, in her sweatshirt and jeans, she was rather nervous. After putting on her specially selected dress and swaying the layers and layers of tulle, she suddenly transformed.

This little girl, so shy and uncertain of herself, was suddenly glowing and beaming with confidence!

Before we began photographing, Khloe had noted some of her “flaws”, which completely broke my heart. As I began showing her a few of her photos on the back of my camera, she no longer saw those flaws, and instead “Oh, wow! It looks so good, I love this. We have to show Mom!”

We took time to just dance, admiring the way the layers of the dress so beautiful flowed. Khloe was so excited to have an assortment of crowns and tiaras to choose from, completely falling into the princess role the moment she placed it on her head.

Khloe was especially excited for the carnival photos and really let her true self shine!

The Dream Dress Experience is so much more than just a photo session. It’s a time for your little girl to truly be herself and learn how to love and be confident with who she is. And I’d really love for your daughter to be a part of it!

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