Five Wedding Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making


  1. You’re sharing details about your wedding on social media.

There’s nothing wrong with being excited and sharing a bit about your wedding but sharing too much and too often can backfire. Not everyone reading your social media posts will be receiving an invite to share the big day with you, which can lead to hurt feelings or worse, assumptions that they are invited (which could put your in an awkward situation when you explain they actually aren’t)

  1. Your Save the Date Is Missing Important Info

While you are just giving your guests a heads up to “save the date”, it’s important to also note the location. In the event that overnight accommodations or work schedule changes are required, it’s always best to provide this information ahead of time.

(Note: it is still considered poor etiquette to include your registry information with your Save the Date or invitation but it’s okay if you add it to your wedding website)

  1. Not Following Up With Vendors

You likely won’t book every wedding vendor that you meet with – and that’s totally okay – but keep in mind that their time is just as valuable as yours. A quick email or call to let them know that you’ve gone in a different direction will be very appreciated. They will be happy that you took the time to reach out to them, so don’t worry about sharing too many details if you don’t want to.

  1. You’re Using Fake Times

Brides sometimes worry about guests showing up late and will include fake start times. For example, the ceremony is scheduled for 3:30pm but the invitation reads 3:00. Most guests show up early to the wedding anyway and a fake start time could mean them waiting around for almost an hour. Not cool.

  1. You’re Not Hand-writing

Writing thank you cards and envelopes by hand can end up being pretty time consuming and may lead to a few hand cramps, but this personal touch will show the appreciation that you have for your guests.

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