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Goggleworks Wedding | Kathryn & Brian

It was somewhere around when my 2019 wedding season began that Kathryn started to get antsy, dying for her wedding day to finally arrive. Week after week, she would see newly married couples pop up on my Facebook page, so I totally get why she was about to explode from excitement. It does seem like forever ago that we met at Penn State Arboretum, the spot where Brian proposed, for their engagement session, so it's no wonder she couldn't wait for the day they'd finally be Mr. and Mrs! We spoke on the phone a couple weeks before their day finally arrived and she excitedly exploded, "I can't believe it's finally our turn!".

Their invitation set was so incredibly beautiful and coordinated so well with their joyful and rustic theme. Viewing this set on the marble background puts me at such peace and really set the tone for a classy day!

The sunflower bouquets really popped against the bridesmaids' red dresses! Sunflowers really are a favorite of mine. It's just impossible to not be happy when looking at them!

It was a typical July morning weather-wise, and the idea of spending the rest of the day feeling sweaty wasn't appealing to anyone, so we limited outdoor photos to only a few minutes before making our way to St. Catharine of Siena Chapel so they could finally be married.

Throughout the ceremony, I caught Brian constantly glancing at his wife, his eyes lighting up each time. I may have melted into a puddle of mush a few times, so happy that Kathryn had found a boy who looks at her that way!

Oh, that veil! I wish I could hang out with her every day and just take photos of her wearing it!

The reception room at Goggleworks in Reading, PA was adorned by dozens of sunflowers. They wanted their wedding day to be bright, joyful, and a little rustic. When looking into the meaning behind sunflowers, Kathryn found that they symbolize adoration, loyalty, and longevity, as well as happiness--all things that define their relationship and that everything they hoped for their marriage.

Dolly's Delights totally nailed this sunflower cake. I'm sure Kathryn and Brian considered nixing the cake cutting and wanted to just bring the entire thing home to stare at forever!

Kathryn offered great advice for engaged couples: "Take time to enjoy being engaged, and then put together an organized and detailed plan for planning. Remember that the point, at the end of the day, is that you are getting married to the love of your life and everything else will come together."

Kathryn and Brian, my heart is so happy to have been asked to be a part of your day! I wish I could have been there with you as you scrolled through this post, to witness those happy tears streamed down your cheeks.


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