How to Deal With IBS on Your Wedding Day

As massive as the internet it, it is still surprisingly difficult to find information on some wedding topics that can cause brides to panic (such as how to deal with your period on your wedding day). I often try to put myself in brides’ shoes, thinking of their most worrying scenarios, and offer tips on how to deal with these anxiety-inducing situations.

Now, if you don’t have IBS or know what it is, this post likely won’t mean much to you. As a sufferer of IBS, however, this post may help ease your wedding day worries, at least a bit.

Keep a food diary

Carefully track every food you eat and note how you felt at the end of the meal. It’s important to learn your triggers so you can avoid them when selecting your wedding day meal. For example, high fodmap foods are usually a quick way to trigger a flare up. Keep in mind that each individual may have different reactions to foods (though onions seem to be a definite no for all those with ibs), so don’t 100% rely on the high/low fodmap charts. This is merely a starting point to guide you in foods you may or may not be able to eat. Keeping a strict food diary is really key.

How to Deal with IBS on Your Wedding Day | K. Moss Photography

OTC Fixes

Your ibs may be able to be controlled with an over-the-counter option, instead of a prescribed medication.

Whether you deal with Ibs-D, C, or A, the following are dietary supplements that help regulate and keep things normal. It takes a few weeks to figure out the correct dosage but it can bring amazing results to help get you your life back!

Heather’s Tummy Fiber

If you find Heather’s Tummy Fiber is working for you, you can grab a few Heather’s Tummy Fiber Travel Packets to stick in your clutch to have before your wedding reception dinner.

Digestive Advantage Probiotics IBS

Heather’s Tummy Teas Organic Fennel Tea is the only fennel tea I have seen in the US (it’s much more popular in the UK) but it’s definitely a must-have! Fennel tea is perfect for helping with that bloated feeling, especially after meals. It can even alleviate that “ibs pregnant look”, which is a worry of many brides. I definitely suggest drinking a cup the morning of your wedding. It isn’t a laxative, so don’t worry about sudden runs to the bathroom (though you’ll likely have to pee after drinking, so be sure to run to the bathroom before putting on your dress).

Gas-X Extra Strength

Choose Your Wedding Dress Carefully

If you’re prone to bloating or deal with constantly fluctuating weight, be mindful when choosing your wedding dress. A form fitting gown may flatter your figure one day, but be a little snug the next. To avoid body image worries, consider purchasing a gown that will give you a little breathing room, just in case.

While brides sometimes have their sisters or bridesmaids help them in the stall when nature calls, dealing with ibs isn’t exactly something that you’ll want an audience for. You may also want to take into consideration whether or not you’ll be able to go to the bathroom on your own – just in case.

Manage Stress

In addition to certain foods, stress can also contribute to ibs triggers. While it may seem impossible to crush any stressful thoughts as your wedding day looms closer, it is important to try to relax your mind as much as possible!

Hopefully these tips will help ease your mind and allow you to focus more on enjoying one of the biggest milestones of your life! I’d love for you to comment below if these tips helped you!

(Of course, I’m not a doctor nor do I have a medical background, so these tips are only meant to guide you and shouldn’t be used in place of a professional medical advice).

How to Deal with IBS on Your Wedding Day | K. Moss Photography

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