How to Easily Keep Track of RSVPs and Gifts

How to Easily Keep Track of RSVPs and Gifts

Believe it or not, it’s quite common for guests to return their reply cards blank. That’s right, you’ll receive that pre-stamped card, maybe with a check mark next to ‘I will attend’…but no name. Gone are the days where you have to rip your hair out, trying to figure out who this mysterious guest is! This little trick will make tracking your rsvps super easy.

First, type of your guest list in Excel.

You will see that each guest has a number next to their name. Next, use the number of your guest  and print it on a corner of their reply card. If someone sends back their card without a name, you can match up the number on the card to the number on your spreadsheet!

There’s a pretty cool trick for keeping track of bridal shower gifts, too! Traditionally, your maid of honor will sit beside you with a pen and paper, scribbling down a description of the gift and who gave it. Instead, purchase a small pack of stickers (like these) and ask your maid of honor to simply write the name of the gift giver and put the sticker on the gift. This will save tons of time and your MOH won’t feel so rushed!

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