How to Organize Your Wedding Pins on Pinterest

When it comes to looking for wedding inspiration, Pinterest can completely devour your time. There are a zillion boards to look through, making it difficult to not get click happy, pinning away like crazy. Before you know it, your wedding Pinterest board is filled with 700 different inspiration ideas.

Let’s be honest, the odds of you ever going back through that board and scrolling through all 700 ideas is pretty slim. As you begin scrolling through your wedding idea board, things start to feel overwhelming, and you swear that you’re going to just quit and elope.

Hopefully you’re finding this article before you’ve invested too much time into Pinterest and you’re wedding planning boards don’t include much. If they do, that’s okay, you can still get organized!

Start out by creating a separate board for each of the following:


By breaking down your boards into categories, you’ll be able to view your ideas about flowers without having to sift through all of the hairstyle ideas you saved.

Remember though, while Pinterest can be a great way to get wedding inspiration, it can also put a damper on your wedding experience. Spending too much time looking at wedding detail after wedding detail can actually cause you to stray away from your own original ideas and end up using ideas that don’t entire reflect you as a couple. Keep on Pinning away – just don’t let the powers of Pinterest take complete control of your wedding planning.

How to organize your wedding pinterest board | K. Moss Photography

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