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How to Save Money on a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography requires a little bit of an investment but there are actually a few ways to reduce your costs without sacrificing quality and booking a photographer you love!

Choose locations carefully

Traveling between location is a huge time suck on a wedding day, eating into your hours of wedding day coverage. Some venues may have a special area for getting ready but if not, be sure to book a hotel that is only a couple of miles away. If possible, search for venues which offer an area for the ceremony and reception. Have your heart set on a church wedding? Consider having your reception at a nearby venue, 20-30 miles max.

Book Early

It’s common for photographers to increase their rates annually (if not more often) to cover their expenses and increasing experience. Securing your wedding day not only ensures that you will have your top photographer pick, but you will also lock in your price.

Broaden Your Search

Planning a wedding in a city? City prices are typically a bit higher for weddings, so try searching for a photographer in a suburb or small town. Many photographers are willing to travel - you just have to ask! It may be worth it, even with travel fees.

Pre-Order Products

Thinking about purchasing parent albums or wall portraits? Consider paying for these products at the time of booking. This will help you avoid future price increases that your photographer may have.

Payment Plans

Fall in love with a photographer who is a little out of budget? Ask them about the possibility of setting up a payment plan. Photographers want you to have these memories and are often willing to work with you, even offering an option of monthly payments instead of 2-3 lump sum installments.

Remember, not all photographers are equal and should never be compared to one another based solely on price. Carefully look through a few complete weddings and meet with them to make sure that your personalities match, then try these tips to help you afford your dream wedding photos!


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