Lancaster, PA Portrait Session | Jessica & Chris

Jessica and Chris have been in front of my camera about four times now, so when they arrived for their session, they were already feeling like pros.

A few days prior, Jess had spent part of the day sending me photos of clothing ideas, while out shopping for clothes. It was the cutest thing to see photo pop up of her in the dressing room asking “what about this one?!”. They finally decided on this:

Lancaster PA Wedding Photography | K. Moss Photography
I’ve known these two for about three years now and I love how their sessions are like hanging out with old friends! We’ll joke, catch up on life…then realize that we were supposed to be taking photos. - Lancaster PA Wedding PhotographerAfter spending some time taking a few casual photos, it was time to fancy things up a bit. Jess had secretly had her wedding dress altered into a cute cocktail dress. Most girls only wear their wedding dress once, but now she’s able to wear it for date nights. How adorably sentimental, right?! (Click here if you want to see what her dress looked like before!).

- Lancaster PA Wedding Photographer Lancaster PA Wedding Photography | K. Moss Photography - Lancaster PA Wedding Photographer- Lancaster PA Wedding Photographer
They had seen a silhouette photo I had posted from a wedding a few months ago and were a little bummed that it wouldn’t be dark during their session. I waved my wand and created exactly what they were looking for! (In case you’re wondering, the photo above shows how light it actually was when this photo was taken!).

This was also the perfect time for Chris and I to experiment a little with a few ideas, since these two love being guinea pigs for us and don’t mind a little trial and error!

- Lancaster PA Wedding Photographer- Lancaster PA Wedding PhotographerI love that these two have decided to update their photos annually, meaning guaranteed hang-out time with them and new prints to hang to keep their walls looking fresh (plus more new toys for me to purchase and test)!

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