Lehigh Valley Wedding | Beth & Truck

Thinking back to early teen years can make many people shudder (oh, the awkwardness!), but for Beth and Truck, it makes their hearts beat a bit faster.

Their middle school years were spent as a boyfriend and girlfriend. Like many young loves, they eventually parted in high school and led their separate lives. Decades later, Beth received a random social media message from Truck, simply reading “Happy Valentine’s Day” . Truck had great timing because this out of the blue message led them to the greatest love story of their lives!

Truck’s proposal was so perfect for their personalities. They were on holiday break from their jobs and Truck causally asked “hey do you like this ring?”, to which Beth replied, “yes, that’s very pretty…why? Without hesitation, Truck answered, “I think we should start planning a wedding.”

Beth is one of the most sentimental people I’ve met and puts so much value on memories and family. She even had grandma’s jewelry as her “something borrowed”!

During the time spent planning, Beth knew that the walk down the aisle would be emotional. Her mom looked on, slowly breathing and fighting back tears, as Beth and her dad did the same.

When Beth first reached out to me, we had an immediate, yet unfortunate connection: we were both members of what we referred to as the cancer club. My pop and her dad were diagnosed with stage 4 cancer on the same exact week, only one year apart. It was uncertain if her dad would be present at the wedding and the next few months were spent telling me stories about him, leaving me so anxious to meet this warrior.

Beth’s dad look cancer straight on and refused to lose the fight. Not only was he able to walk his little girl down the aisle, he brought so much life and joy to the day. The conversations I had with him still bring me to tears, as I have so much admiration for this man who refuses to let cancer run the show. I will never forget the words he left me with before I departed at the end of the wedding: I am truly lucky.

Their ceremony was less than 10 minutes, perfect for a couple so eager to hear the announcement of Mr. and Mrs.!

January typically means single digit temperatures and gloomy white or gray skies. Luckily 2020 began with record-high temperatures, barely even needing a jacket during the day! Excited to take advantage of this gift Mother Nature had given, we spent a bit of time outside until drops of rain began to fall from the sky.

While I did have umbrellas in the car, temperatures began to quickly drop, so we decided to scatter indoors for a few photos on the ceremony staircase.

Until the moment their first dance began, Beth and Truck had never slow danced together. They were a bit nervous but they swayed across the dance floor to Bryan Adams’s “Heaven” so effortlessly, gazing at each other as though they had forgotten that anyone else was in the room with them.

Following the dance with her new husband, the second most anticipated moment of their wedding day: a dance with her father to Because you Loved Me.

Beth and Truck, thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your first day as Mr. and Mrs.  ? ? ?

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