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Photography is Not My Passion

If you visit a photographer's website, odds are, you’ll read something along the lines of “photography is my passion”. You won’t find that on mine. Do I love photography? Absolutely! I think photographs are crucial and such a valuable thing to document our lives. I believe that photos are one of the most important things we can have in our lives and each image will become more treasured as years pass.

But I wouldn't say it's my “passion”.

My passion…is people. It's you.

It's seeing your burst of confidence when I show you the back of my camera. Hearing your laughter drown the sound of my shutter. Watching your smile grow each minute we spend together. Catching you wipe a tear as you view your images. Witnessing your emotion.

Photography isn’t what makes me feel alive. It’s you. Your children. When I struggle in my personal life, and am left feeling spaced out, it all disappears when you step into my Berks County studio. The outside world no longer matters, as my heart is focused on helping you feel amazing. The incredible part is, I don't even have to try to block out the world – it just happens. Suddenly the stress is removed from my shoulders. The urge to cry over a difficult circumstance in life disappears completely. For an hour or so, you change my life. All I care about it making you feel special, as though you are the only client on my calendar for the whole year. I want to create something for you that will help you through your most difficult days. Something that will leave you and your family smiling for generations. Something that will make your heart burst every time you glance at your wall.

How many people can say that their job makes them feel alive and they are excited for what the day will bring?! I sure can!

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Based in South Eastern Pennsylvania, I offer portrait sessions in Pennsylvania and beyond. I LOVE to travel and am available for sessions throughout the country.

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