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Reading Crowne Plaza Wedding | Laura & Jean

After nine years together, the day that Laura and Jean would officially (and finally!) be married had arrived. As they prepared for the day, their closest friends gathered together downstairs, excitedly waiting to witness one of their favorite love stories begin its next chapter.

Laura and Jean met by playing the video game Left 4 Dead, so when it came to wedding planning, nothing sounded more perfect than incorporating the way they met and their love of zombies and spookiness. They included their favorite colors to help enhance the spooky atmosphere and zombie vibe. As an added touch, their ceremony even had references to zombies!

Prior to their Reading Crowne Plaza wedding, Laura mentioned that their day would be full of lots and lots of tears...and she wasn't exaggerating!

Jean's eyes instantly welled up with tears the moment the doors open and saw Laura walking toward her. As they exchanged vows, happy tears slid down their friends' cheeks, honored to share in this long-awaited day.

The heat index was around 108 on their July wedding, making it difficult to even breathe. An employee walked by and mentioned that we could also go outside to the commons area and use the gazebo. Jean and Laura both gave me the same look as though saying, "please don't think that's a good idea look...we'll melt!"

As soon as I saw this mirror, I knew that I needed to do something with it! The walls were a cream color, which just weren't going to give the effect I was going for, so when Laura quickly blurted out that her favorite color was purple, we made some magic!

Wedding planning gave the newlyweds a fun trip down Memory Lane, bringing them back to the days they had first met and the many adventures they've had over the years. Spending time getting all of their zombie ideas down on paper, ordering decorations and memorabilia, really reminded them of everything they've done together and how far they've come as a couple.

Laura and Jean, I'm so honored that you asked me to be a part of a day that's been nearly a decade in the making! The smiles and tears throughout the day, not only by you but by everyone surrounding you, prove that you're the perfect together.


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