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Things to Do With Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding photographer releases your wedding photos and you are in awe over how gorgeous they are! These memories deserve to be displayed. After all, you did invest your hard earned cash into hiring a photographer - don’t let your photos get lost in digital land or gather dust in a box!


There are at least a half a dozen websites available to design your own book or wedding album but keep in mind that none of these labs have products built to last. Over time the spine will begin to break, causing pages to fall out. The colors may begin to fade and in less than a decade, you’ll likely have to replace the album you purchased.

Ask your wedding photographer about album options that he or she offers. Many professional album labs craft albums which are built to last for generations. Picture snuggling up with your future children, a blanket tucked across your laps, their faces lighting up in awe as you page through your album – the beginning of your family’s store!


It’s been scientifically proven that looking photographs taken during happy occasions can help boost your mood. Hanging a few of your favorite images around your home will cause your happy memories from that day to come flooding back.

Thank You Cards

Skip the generic plain designs and include one of your wedding photos on your thank you card. Recipients are more likely to keep a card with a photo versus and trash text-only cards.


Photos are invaluable and are also one of the few gifts which don’t require a gift receipt.

Search Etsy for sentimental frames and wrap them up a wedding thank you gift or hold onto them until the holidays. Stuck on what to search for? Try these:
“I’ll always be your little girl”
“Thank you for raising the man of my dreams”
“We owe to our parents”

Parent albums are also a classic gift idea!

Want to get a little creative? Order Christmas ornaments, cell phone cases, pillows – the options are endless!


Create a calendar with your favorite wedding photos and be reminded of your wedding day all year long!

Pixels just can’t compare to ink; there’s just something about being able to touch your photos. That aside, technology is bound to change over time so you never know when your digital copies may become obsolete.Being able to physically hold your memories will help keep them fresh in your mind and allow you to have a stronger emotional connection. So get those photos together and start preserving your memories!


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