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The Wedding Album Process

Pixels just can't compare to ink; there's just something about being able to touch your photos. Technology is constantly changing, making it quite possible that our current digital media could one day soon become obsolete. Printed photographs however, will always withstand the test of time.

While you will definitely want to hang a collection of prints on the wall, you likely won't want to fill your entire house with photos of one particular milestone. You'll reserve some of your wall space for photos of your future children and family portraits. An album gives you the ability to view and feel your wedding photos without taking much space at all.

I begin each wedding day with the album in mind. Before I even begin the actual design, I already have an idea of the layout and which photos will be best to tell the couple's beautiful wedding day story. Rather than burdening couples with the stressful and time-consuming task of selecting images, I put together the initial album design. It is far easier for the couple to make changes once they've seen the entire album rather than have to start from a blank slate. I also include photos that most couples would have never thought to add, but  completely fall in love when seeing the completed design. There is freedom to remove or add spreads, swap photos, etc.

Once the album design is completed, you will receive a link to view your album design. Album designs sometimes include more pages/spreads than originally paid for, giving you options and more of a visual. You may also narrow down the number of spreads to the amount you ordered or you can choose to upgrade the larger and more inclusive album. Often times, the best album possible may grow into a longer spread count in order to tell your wedding day story perfectly, rather than cramming tiny images on a spread “scrapbook style”. The personal album viewer allows you to comment on the layout, swap photos (vertical for vertical, horizontal for horizontal), select your cover, etc.  Two rounds of revisions are included, to ensure you are thrilled with your final album.  After all changes are made and your approval is given, your wedding memories are sent off to the lab!

In about 4-8 weeks your album is crafted and ready to become your first family heirloom!


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