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There are a few things that wedding photographers may not be completely open about or simply may not say much about the subject. Here are a few wedding photographer confessions:

  • Receiving a formal invitation in the mail, even though you obviously know we’re coming, means the WORLD to us.
  • When we receive a new review from a couple, we pretty much want to hop in the car, drive to their house, and give them a big “thank you” hug.
  • When you contact us and only write “I just want to know prices”, we die a little inside. Say hello, share something fun about your day, mention your favorite food – anything. More so, mentioning that you “don’t want to break the bank” breaks out hearts. We have bills to pay, too 🙁
  • Trusting us with one of the biggest days of your life is a huge honor that we will never take for granted.
  • No one likes to be “ghosted” and it really bums us out when it happens to us. We would much rather a bride respond to let us know she’s found someone better suited for her than to just ignore us.
  • We may refresh the page a few times after posting one of your photos, exciting waiting for the moment you see it pop up on your screen. We just can’t wait for your reaction!
  • No matter how many years of experience we have, we still get nervous before a wedding.
  • Referrals are the biggest compliment we can receive!
  • It really isn’t easy to “just photoshop it later”.
  • Editing photos of your cake makes us drool…and brings on mega-cravings.
  • We cry at some point in the day.
  • As we’re editing, we get so excited and find ourselves yelling, “omg, they are going to LOVE this one”.
  • The most you reach out to us to update us on your planning progress, the more excited we are for your day to arrive.
  • We’re so happy for you when you get married, but part of us it a little sad that we may end up parting ways after the wedding day is over. We secretly hope that we’ll continue to be in touch for years!


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