The Wedding Planning Checklist You Hadn’t Thought Of

If you’re engaged, you’ve likely sifted through at least half a dozen wedding planning checklists and while that can be incredibly helpful, they usually just cover the “big” things such as when to book a vendor, how to choose a wedding dress, and top tips on looking your best in your wedding photos. The “little” things are so often overlooked and easily forgotten – but not this time!

The Morning of the Wedding

Spending the morning of your wedding getting ready with your closest friends can definitely make for some amazing memories! What many brides fail to consider is the number of people getting ready versus the available space in the room they’ll be getting ready in.

Hotel rooms, even suite rooms, can be pretty tight when more than just a couple of people are getting ready. What starts off as a relaxing morning can actually end up being quite stressful, as everyone starts bumping into each other and running around the room trying to remember where their belongings are. Not the most ideal start to the day, right?

If it’s important that you get ready with your girls the morning-of, consider booking a hotel with joint rooms (that little door in your room leading to the room next to yours). This will open up more space and even allow for a “staging area”, a spot for everyone to keep their duffel bags and other belongings.

Bottom line: Always request the largest hotel rooms available – you’ll love the extra breathing space!

The Ceremony

You’re super eager to be at the end of your aisle with your soon-to-be husband but don’t make your way down the aisle just yet!

Before beginning your walk down the aisle, take a moment and gaze at one another from afar. Lock eyes with your groom as you begin to make your way towards him, allowing the world around you to fade away for a moment. (Thinking back on my own wedding day, not doing this was one of my biggest regrets).

The Reception Dinner

Pre-wedding food tastings can be so fun! You’re given a fancy menu and offered quite a few different entree and appetizers to sample.

On the day of the wedding, the couple is so distracted by greeting guests and ongoing events, they unfortunately, many couples only find themselves taking a few quick bites of their meal! By the end of the night, the newlyweds stomachs are growling and the food is long gone.

To avoid having to stop at a fast food joint after your reception, request that your caterer pack up some food for the two of you to enjoy later.

The Reception

Ask any couple about their wedding and most of them will make a comment about how the entire day went by really quickly.

There’s so much hustle during the wedding day, it’s easy to get swept away and allow time to just pass you by. To avoid this, take a few moments at your sweetheart table to just take the day in. Watch your friends and family interacting with one another, glance at the centerpieces and decor,  just observe. Taking just five minutes to gaze around the room will help slow down time and allow for more vivid memories when you look back on the day.

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