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Welkinweir Engagement Session | Galen & Carl

Galen and Carl were excited to get started on planning their engagement session, but other than knowing that they both wanted it to be outdoors, they weren't quite sure where to go. They instantly fell in love with my suggestion Welkinweir in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

We scheduled their session after closing one evening, giving them the entire area to themselves! It was refreshing for them to be able to roam around freely with no other eyes watching.

It was the moment that Galen walked into class the day before 9th grade picture day with a huge black eye from a field hockey ball that Carl realized how much he liked this girl. Rather than focus on her "flaw", all he could think about was her.

Although their relationship remained platonic throughout high school, they finally scheduled their first date right around graduation. And as Galen puts it, "After that, it was kind of a whirlwind!" The next few years were a bit difficult, as Carl's life as a marine sent him too numerous locations for long periods of time. They had gone as long as 18 months without seeing each other, making my heart ache the first time they shared their story.

Fast forwarding to last summer at Lake Naomi in the Poconos, Galen's and Carl went for a paddle around the lake at sunset (and if you've ever been to Lake Naomi, you know how gorgeous those sunsets are!). It was just an ordinary day of Galen visiting her favorite place...only this time when they got back to the dock he asked her to marry him!

Each time I'm with these two, I can't help but focus on the way Carl looks at the girl he's going to marry. His eyes light up, his laughter is endless, and he holds her in a way that says he will protect her from anything. There's just something about the way a guy looks at his girl that makes me melt.

To say these two had fun is a complete understatement. They laughed so much together that we sometimes had to take breaks so they could catch their breath!

Being around the two of them together is one of the best feelings in the world and I'm so excited to have been asked to be a part of their wedding day!


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