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What if I slacked, just a little?

I've debated for nearly 4 months whether or not I wanted to write something so raw. It shows a side that you won't find scrolling through social media and a part of me that many photographers would never dream of sharing. With that being said, I believe in being honest and always putting out new ways for my clients to feel connected to me.

Sometimes being an adult stinks. Life smacks you in the face with more than you feel you can handle. Some days are rough. Sometimes I find myself wishing a client would cancel or postpone their session. Not because I don't love my job, but because whether it be heartbreaking news, loss, or something else - sometimes life makes it difficult to get out of bed.

Despite my mind kicking and screaming, begging me to hide under the covers, I pack up my things and make my way to meet my client, wondering how on earth I'll make it through the session feeling less than great.

But then the same thing always happens. From the moment I start interacting with my clients, everything is lifted off my shoulders.

If I don't put my 100% in every time someone is in front of my camera, if I just slack a little bit here and there, if I allow my exhaustion and any blah-ness...a family isn't going to have those images to look back on when they need them. Whether it be needing to be reminded of their strength, or when they need comfort following a loved one passing, or when they just need to smile and reminisce, these images I'm creating for them will one day become the most valuable object in their possession.

I need to pour my heart into these photographs....because it truly matters.

I absolutely love looking back on these little reminders of the true impact that the experience of a photo session and the final product has <3



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