Why Ordering Your Photos In Person Is The Best Decision You’ll Make

There are two types of photographers: those who deliver just an online gallery and those who provide a full experience with in-person ordering.

I’ve been a print-based photographer since Day 1 of my business but I switched to in-person ordering a few years later, around 2016, and it’s the best decision I’ve made! Read on to learn more about why ordering in person is the best decision you’ll make.

Decisions will only take an hour, not weeks

Think of the list of things you’d love to do, but never get around to, because life just became too busy. It happens to all of us and that’s exactly why viewing and ordering your portraits in person is a huge bonus for you!

With an online gallery, it’s so easy to tell yourself “I’ll do it later”. Before you know it, weeks have gone by and you still don’t have a single image from your photo session!

Viewing and ordering your photos in person means that you only need to set aside a little more than an hour of your time, guaranteeing you’ll have your photos.

Distractions are eliminated

How many times have you tried to sit down at home to do something but end up interrupted or distracted shortly after?

My studio is quiet and distraction-free, meaning you’ll be able to indulge in ice cream, sip on coffee (or other favorite beverage), and relax. Once the slideshow of your images begins, you can relax knowing that this time is dedicated to being able to enjoying your images. We’ll focus on decision making after you’ve been able to see everything!

You can touch and feel prints and products

Sure, you can view photos of products online…but what does that really tell you about the quality? Each of my prints are mounted, however it isn’t always easy to convey exactly what this means via text, or even a photo. Being able to touch and feel products makes it far easier to visualize your images being displayed in your home.

Get a closer look at your images

Most people view their online galleries via a mobile device, making it pretty difficult to see the small details of the images. So much time is wasted zooming in and out and clicking back and forth between images.

When viewing in studio, photos are displayed on a tv screen. Images are large enough to see fine details, though zooming is still possible. Even better, you can view images side by side, rather than endlessly click back and forth to compare.

You’ll receive guidance in making choices

The biggest perk of ordering in person is that you’ll receive personalized guidance in selecting the best options for your home. My software eliminates the guess game of trying to determine which sizes will fit in your space. I’m a visual person, and I’m assuming you are as well, so I can even show you what each size print will look like on your own walls!

Don’t worry about be stuck making decisions or feeling overwhelmed. I’ll be there to offer suggestions on images, sizes, and products. Your ordering session will end up being a total breeze!

Something important to keep in mind: I don’t believe in the hard sell. I only want you to leave with what you love.

Avoid miscommunication and receive answers instantly

Tone is so difficult to convey in text form, not to mention that it’s sometimes not easy to find the words to described exactly what you are trying to ask. Being able to have your questions addressed in person means you’ll receive your answers immediately, rather than engaging in a half a dozen back and forth emails.

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