Why You Should Delete Your Photos

Wait…a photographer suggesting that you delete your photos?! Sounds crazy, right? Have trust in me, though, because I am going to offer reasons why you should delete your photos.

Remember those film days? Each click had to be intentional due to being limited on the number of exposures, not to mention the cost of purchasing and developing! We paid special attention and made sure to photograph the moment – not every millisecond between.

Now that we’ve entered the digital age, there’s definitely been a shift. Most walk around with a camera phone in their pocket and most film cameras have been replaced by digital format. For many, each individual photo taken no longer has a “price tag” and is now considered “free”, so there is less thought behind the photographs taken.

I could be in the minority, however I absolutely disagree that camera photos are “free”. Each click of the shutter is a step closer to the camera reaching its end of life. This mindset has allowed me to remain intentional in what I photograph, as each image taken still has a cost, even though it may be in the long run.

It makes sense why you would take a dozen photos within a few seconds, out of worry of missing the moment. This is a great way to avoid disappointment and ensure that you capture the expression you were hoping! This first suggestion is an important, as your photos will be more meaningful.

As a photographer in Berks County, it is my job to cull, or narrow down, photos. This first step eliminates blinks, motion blur, unpleasant expression, and very similar or duplicate images. The more similar images there are, the less meaningful they become.

I know – it’s tough to think you about deleting a memory! In actuality, you are merely selecting your favorites. By reducing the number of similar photos, you are making the ones that remain far more valuable and you will be more likely to view them in the future.

Be honest – do you really scroll through old images and appreciate every one or do you just quickly scroll through? You want to take a long stroll down Memory Lane, not sprint, and that’s far easier to do when you are reminiscing through just your favorite images.

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