What to Wear to Your Photo Session | Advice from a Portrait Photographer

As a Berks County family photographer, I am no stranger to being asked, “what should we wear for our photo session?”

Before you find yourself in a panic, throwing every piece of clothing you own from the closet to a pile on the floor, read through these tips to make planning your attire a breeze!

Coordinate, Don’t Match

coordinating colors in portrait photography

The simplest advice is to avoid matching. In other words, it isn’t recommended that everyone wear the same shirts and bottoms. Jeans and white tops were a big thing years ago but that trend has become dated.

Instead, select one or two colors and choose varying shades. For example, light and dark blues, mixed with some grays.

It is also best to avoid wearing all the same bottoms. Choose from a mix of pants, skirts, and dresses in solid colors. During the warmer months shorts could be worn, however be sure to stick with neutral colors.

Keep Patterns to a Minimum

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You want the focus of your photographs to be on you, not your outfit.

Patterns can be distracting, so it’s advised to limit the number of people wearing a pattern. Consider for every five people in your photo, only one should be in a pattern.

Also, it’s best to avoid logos or bold colors, as these can also draw your eye. 

Make Sure You’re Comfortable

When choosing your outfit, consider how comfortable you’ll feel.

Will you be tugging at clingy fabric, holding your dress down to make it longer, or worry about too much skin being shown?

If you feel self conscious in your clothing, it will likely show in your photos. Be sure to choose things that bring you confidence and make you feel your best.

Go Shopping in Your Closet

Before running to the store and picking up a few staples for your session, consider peeking through your closet first. So often we tend to wear only the same few pieces in our closet, leaving the rest unloved. I’m definitely guilty of having a few tops still with tags attached!

You may love the idea of pampering yourself a bit and purchasing something new…and that’s totally okay! Choose whichever option is going to allow you to feel your best.

Ask About the Studio Closet

It’s becoming more and more common for photographers to offer access to their studio closet, otherwise known as client closet.

A studio closet includes a variety of clothing for clients to “rent” for their photo session. Items found in the closet are usually available in an array of sizes. 

Over the past year, my Dream Dress Experience closet has grown quite large. I loved having a selection of gowns for young girls to choose from, so I have also begun collecting pieces for both women and littles (6 months+). It’s a work in progress but I’m excited to be able to offer this to help take the stress out planning outfits for your session!

Currently, each women’s sized dress in my closet has a stretchy waist, making it incredibly flexible in sizing! Did you purchase your own outfit but aren’t sure where you will wear it again? I also offer The trade-in program, which occasionally offers print credits and special rates in exchange for your outfit.

Utilizing this option greatly removes the weight off your shoulders, so definitely ask your photographer if it’s an option!

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