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Reasons You Shouldn't Tell Your Kids To Smile In Photos

The camera can be pretty intimidating for anyone. Kids, parents - heck, even I can be pretty timid in front of the lens! While some are naturally super outgoing and "model ready", most require a bit of time to become comfortable enough to allow their true selves out. As a parent, it's natural to coax […]

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Best Photography Locations in Berks County for Children and Family Sessions

Indoor studio photography isn't for everyone. Whether it be the fall foliage or spring flowers blossoming, some are just attracted to nature and love the idea of their family photography session taking place outdoors! Are you looking for the best spots for photos in Berks County? You're in luck! Below I detail a few of […]

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What to Wear to Your Photo Session | Advice from a Portrait Photographer

As a Berks County family photographer, I am no stranger to being asked, "what should we wear for our photo session?" Before you find yourself in a panic, throwing every piece of clothing you own from the closet to a pile on the floor, read through these tips to make planning your attire a breeze! […]

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Why Ordering Your Photos In Person Is The Best Decision You'll Make

There are two types of photographers: those who deliver just an online gallery and those who provide a full experience with in-person ordering. I've been a print-based photographer since Day 1 of my business but I switched to in-person ordering a few years later, around 2016, and it's the best decision I've made! Read on […]

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Are You Wasting Your Money On A Photographer?

You've been noticing that your child is suddenly growing with each blink. Your heart desperately wanting to hold onto these moments forever, you decide this is the perfect time to schedule a photography session.You have already decided that you will pick up a few extra hours at work and will even give up your daily […]

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How To Choose The Right Print Sizes

“I think we want a large print…like an 8×10 or 11×14”. About 20 years ago, these sizes did seem huge (remember those enormous clunky wooden frames?!), but much like aqua net, those frames have phased out. Now print sizes really depend on how you plan to display the photos in your home. This is what […]

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6 Tips to Minimize Wedding Day Stress

Wedding days can be emotional, and high stress days for everyone…but they don’t have to be! The good news is, with some advanced planning, there are ways to make your wedding day a more manageable. These six tips will help you reduce stress and focus more on I Do! Sleep Pre-wedding jitters can make shut-eye […]

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The #1 Question Brides Should Be Asking - But Don't

You’ve probably seen at least a dozen lists of questions to ask wedding photographers before you officially ask them to be a part of your wedding. Many lists include topics such as what equipment is used, and how long it will take to get the photos…but I have never seen anyone mention what should be […]

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