After-Wedding Workflow

I’m sure most of you have seen the charts floating around, the ones which show a photographer’s job is maybe 15% shooting and 85% business and editing. As crazy as it is to think that a photographer doesn’t actually spend most of the time photographing, it really is true! I thought I would share a […]

The Barn at Flying Hills Reading, PA Wedding | Megan & Bree

When I first met Megan and Bree for their engagement session last October, they were already excitedly counting down the months until their wedding day arrived. Somehow months quickly turned into weeks, leaving them nearly bursting with excitement. Finally, after nearly seven years together, the moment they were counting down towards was only hours away. […]

Why Photographers Charge Travel Fees

As you begin to research wedding photographers, you’ll likely notice that many of them require a travel fee outside of a certain radius. Some photographers have a set rate for their travel fees, whether it be certain states or even throughout the country, whereas others calculate and customize the fee based on the destination’s location. Most assume […]

Allentown Family Portrait Session | Salvaggio Family

I’ve known Holly for nearly 20 years and was shocked to learn they’ve never had a family portrait together. Of course I insisted that we schedule an Allentown family portrait session asap to create a few beautiful memories for their wall! Mike, like most husbands, wasn’t too psyched when Holly mentioned that she had scheduled […]

Behind the Scenes | 2016

We’re already somehow halfway through the year and I just now realize that I never wrote a behind the scenes post for 2016! Usually I just post a compilation of a bunch of photos taken of me but this time I thought I’d put a little twist on it and show the moment I was capturing […]

Hanover Grande Ballroom Lehigh Valley Wedding | Lina & Steven

The month of May can be hit or miss, in terms of weather, but Lina and Steven’s wedding day was blessed with most absolute gorgeous wedding we could have asked for! Beautiful light poured through the hotel windows, as Lina began to get ready for a life-changing day. The way Lina’s shoes, rings, and other […]

Reasons to Believe in Love

Today marks what would have been my nan’s 78th birthday. Although it breaks my heart to not have her here to guide me through the rest of my life, being the oldest of 20-some grandchildren, I am truly grateful that I was able to soak up so much of her advice and wisdom. My nan […]