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The Dream Dress Experience is so much more than just a photo session.

It’s a time for your little girl to truly be herself and learn how to love and be confident with who she is. And I’d really love for your daughter to be a part of it!

When you arrive at the studio, your daughter will be greeted with fun dancing music and a gorgeous dress! You may even want to surprise her by keeping the dress a secret, letting her open the separate door into the studio and seeing her dream dress awaiting her!  A bit of extra time is included during each session to help your little girl become comfortable in the studio, allowing her personality to truly shine in her photos!

As she twirls and dances in the designer couture gown, we’ll take time to talk about some of her favorite topics, such as sports or school. My goal to give focus not only to her child side, but also her intellect and inner beauty, as well as gently touching on her insecurities. I want to create gorgeous photos of your baby, but most importantly, I want her to leave the studio feeling the most confident she has ever felt in her life.

$99 Dream Dress Session Fee Includes:

  • Consultation & Planning Your Daughter’s Experience
  • Access to Dream Dress closet
  • Session Preparation
  • Studio Session 
  • Photo Reveal After Party to view and order favorite images
  • …and an experience she’ll remember forever (with a few surprises!)

I want this to be an incredible experience for you, ensuring you leave only with what you want and love! Don’t worry about selecting how many prints or which products you’d like now. No decisions need to be made until you view your images!

I’m all about simplicity and know that no one wants to read super lengthy detailed-filled emails. Plus it’s great to be able to have questions answered right on the spot, right?

The next step will be to select a time to get together to chat a bit more about the details of her experience and what to expect!

I’d love to invite you to the studio to chat more! Enjoy ice cream and your favorite beverages, as we talk about this memorable experience!

We’ll chat about a few more details, dress options, what you’d liked to do with your images, and page through magazines I’ve been published in. We’ll also discuss the details of available Print Collections, while seeing and touching a few products. I’m excited to show my printed images, which are created to withstand tearing and warping, plus are so easy to frame. You’ll definitely fall in love!

Complete the form below to schedule and I’ll get the ice cream ready!

I’m so excited to hear from you! I am really looking forward to creating a memorable experience, not only for your daughter, but you as well!  <3