Welkinweir Engagement Session | Galen & Carl

Galen and Carl were excited to get started on planning their engagement session, but other than knowing that they both wanted it to be outdoors, they weren’t quite sure where to go. They instantly fell in love with my suggestion Welkinweir in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. We scheduled their session after closing one evening, giving them the […]

Reading Museum Engagement Session | Lyssy & Travis

” I am sorry for the long email but you asked!!!” When I excitedly welcomed Lyssy as a K. Moss bride, I asked her to tell me a bit about how she and Travis met and to share a bit about their love story. She didn’t skip a beat, as she began to reminisce back […]

Reading, PA Engagement Session | Kristen & Zach

Kristen and Zach have the type of love story you see in movies: they’ve known each other since they were about two years old! Although they didn’t play wedding when they were toddlers, they did grow up to become great friends. They noticed sparks as they grew older but continued their platonic relationship. Finally, about […]

Blue Marsh Lake Engagement Session | Cheyenne & Brandon

Most people enjoy their birthday (maybe not the whole getting older part, but having a pampered day is pretty fun!). Cheyenne’s last birthday was one that will definitely stand out forever, because after nearly 7 years together, Brandon asked her to be his forever. Excited for some wedding planning, they both agreed that they wanted […]

Behind the Scenes | 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a Behind the Scenes post! It’s a little tricky getting photos together when working solo, but now that Chris has begun assisting at weddings and sessions, I’m able to share a peek of what goes on when others aren’t looking 🙂 So here goes, a few technical and […]

Conrad Weiser Homestead Engagement Session | Alyssa & Dave

They grew up living around the corner from each other when they were just 3 and 4 years old and had mutual friends, but their relationship was mainly just friendship. Fast forwarding down the road and after some encouragement from their friends, Alyssa and Dave kissed and the spark was impossible to ignore. He had actually […]

FirstEnergy Stadium Engagement Session | Ashley and Justin

They met twenty years ago; she was a cheerleader and he was a football player. After their elementary school years, they found themselves connected throughout high school, teaming up on school projects and becoming great friends. Like many high school friendships, they lost touch after graduating. Fast forwarding a few years, Ashley was surprised to […]

Lockridge Furnace Engagement Session | Emily & Warren

For many people, a job is just one of those adult things you do every day. You expect to wake up, work your shift, collect a paycheck. When Emily and Warren started working at their job, they probably expected just that. Little did they know, they would eventually end up finding a perfect match in […]

Penn State Arboretum Engagement Session | Kathryn & Brian

When Kathryn and Brian met, they were fresh out of relationships, which of course makes us all a little skeptical on finding new love.  Little did they know, their chance meeting would end up changing their entire lives! Their first date was spent at a local restaurant, where they spent hours talking – so long, […]

Conrad Weiser Homestead Engagement Session | Sarah & Jimmy

When Sarah and I began talking about engagement session ideas, she didn’t have anything particular in mind but definitely wanted their pups, Leo and Joey, to be a part of their photos. I’m so glad I was able to find a dog-friendly spot because seeing how much these two love their children, their engagement photos […]